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Boomers Camp & Prep for the FIBA World Cup

August 12, 2019 | by

It’s been awesome being back with the Boomers.  The team is extremely focused on preparing for what we have to do to be firing and ready heading into Game 1 of the FIBA World Cup.  We are just coming off of a great week of camp.  Any time there’s selections for spots with the Boomers it’s very physical and extremely competitive and this camp was no different.  There were a lot of impressive players at the camp and I’m really excited with the caliber of the final squad that’s come together.  With the core older boys and then with the new younger guys coming through I think it’s a really exciting time for Australian basketball.

We’ve had a few days to freshen up now in between camps and I’m looking forward to heading to Perth to get started.  We have a few days training and then have the two games against Canada (16 + 17 of August).  I’m definitely looking forward to getting back on the court and pulling on the Green and Gold again.

Perth always has awesome crowds supporting the Boomers and the Wildcats so I’m really looking forward to getting out there and playing in front of them.  And then after that we head back to Melbourne to play the two games vs the US (22 + 24 of August), which are going to be massive.  I had the chance to go to Marvel Stadium and watch the footy last week – sitting in the stands, picturing a basketball court out in the middle and playing in front of our fans in just a couple of weeks – it’s going to be pretty awesome.

I also got the chance to see the new mural just outside Marvel Stadium – it’s pretty cool to have a massive mural honoring some of the current and former legends of Aussie Basketball with a basketball hoop outside of a footy stadium.  Overall, it’s just awesome being back with the boys having dinner, trash talking a little bit about the footy and training for the World Cup.

I’ve been working really hard on getting my legs really strong and then with me changing my shot, I feel like the hard work has paid off.  It’s been fun playing 5 v 5 in a really competitive environment with the Boomers, and then in between camp I’ve also gotten the chance to play some 5 on 5 with Melbourne United, the Brisbane Bullets and the Logan Thunder, so thanks to those teams for having me run around for a little bit.

And speaking of my shot, I’m really happy with where I’m at with it – I’m getting the ball up quicker and with a lot less effort.  Stay tuned for a YouTube video where I share the process of changing my shot and Go Boomers!