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One of Australia's finest homegrown athletes, Matthew "Delly" Dellavedova started his basketball career in regional Victoria playing for his hometown, the Maryborough Blazers. He spent three years at the AIS, before representing Australia for the first time captaining the U/19 Australian team at the World Championships in New Zealand.

Dellavedova was acquired by the Milwaukee Bucks in 2016 where he played for two-plus seasons before a mid-season trade took him back to the Cleveland Cavaliers at the end of 2018.

Delly also represents his home country as a member of the Australian Men's National Team. He has competed in two Olympic Games and a FIBA World Championship campaign as a Boomer.

Off the court, Delly enjoys angel investing, a good bottle of wine, playing golf at his local Par-3 course, reading, and starting his day off right with some avocado toast.

(Caricature credit: Aussie Hoops, for whom Delly is a program ambassador)

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